CUCBCSS-UG 2017 Admission


1. B.A. Political Science Programme-CUCBCSS UG 2014-R evised Syllabus for the Open Courses with effect from 2015 admission onwards- Approved- Implemented- Orders issued.

2. BA Programme in Hindi - CUCBCSS UG - BA/BSc Common Courses - Module 1 of the Common Course Hindi Paper for BA/BSc First Semester for Reading Purpose only , withdrawing the Chapter "GUNGIYA" by Mahadevi Varma prescribed for BA/BSC First Semester Common Course Hindi .- Approved - Implemented - Orders Issued

BA Programme in Hindi -Syllabus (2016 Onwards)

3. Selection changes made in the syllabus of BA/ BSc./BSc (LRP)/BCom Common course BA Malayalam - w.e.f 2017 admission - Approved - Implemented -Orders Issued.

4. BA Programme in Afzal ul Ulama under CUCBCSS -Syllabus - Revised wef 2017 Admission onwards - Approved - Implemented - Orders issued.

5. BA Programme in Arabic under CUCBCSS Syllabus - Revised wef 2017 Admission onwards - Approved - Implemented - Orders issued

6. Faculty of Commerce and Management studies-Revised Regulations, Scheme and Syllabus of Bachelor of Commerce(BCom) Degree Programme under CUCBCSS UG-with effect from the 2017-18 admission-implemented- orders issued.

7. BA Programme in English - CUCBCSS UG - Revised Syllabus for Common Courses and Modifications in Open Courses - Approved - Implemented with effect from 2017 Admissions - Orders Issued.

8.  B.Sc Mathematics (2014 Admission Onwards)

9.  B.A Economics (2014 Admission Onwards)

10. B.A Philosophy (2014 Admission Onwards)

11. BBA